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About Czeladź

About Czeladź

Czeladź  is  the  oldest  town   in  the  Zagłębie  Region and its history  goes back to the Middle Ages. Till the eighteen fifties it was a town  proud of its craftsmen and farmen. Soon after the discovery of hard coal in the area coal-mining changed the structure of the town into industrial. Two hard coal mines were built here: „Czeladź" (1860 ) and „Saturn" (1880 ), both of which were functioning till the nineteen fifties. When minig hard coal and other industrial enterprises stopped working the profile of the town changed again - in1996 the first supermarket in Poland was opened  here – Trade Centre M-1. Today some logistic centres and many small and medium firms are operating, determining the trade and service structure of the town. These transformations  enabled overseas investors to start businesses in Czeladź. 

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Legend of Czeladź

About 1038 the Czech prince Brzetysław attacked Silesia, which belonged to the Kingdom of Poland in those days. Prince Brzetysław’s troops began to threaten even Cracow. At the same time the Polish king Mieczysław II died and the country was devoid of its ruler.
The youngest son of the dead king, Kazimierz, stayed in the Chegney monastery             in the south of France and he was not going to leave it. However, when the Cracow governor came to him, presenting an extremely difficult situation of the country and asking him , in the name of the nation, to come back to Poland and take the Polish throne, the young king was persuaded and, accompanied by a group of knights, returned through Germany and Silesia to take up ruling as a new Polish king called Kazimierz Odnowiciel ( Restorer).
So Kazimierz went through desolate and poor Silesia. Finally, having crossed the Brynica River, which was called Brana in those days, he noticed lots of deer and wild horses grazing on a vast clearing. Thus, he ordered his troops: ‘ StrzelaC, strzelaC!’ (‘Fire, fire!’), but he could not pronounce this word correctly because of long years which he had spent in France. All knights, squires and escorting him servants (who were called ‘czeladź’ then) understood the order as: ‘ Czeladź- strzelaC!’ ( ‘Servants- fire!’) And they started shooting and killed a lot of animals for the rest of their journey.
That was the origin of the name of the town Czeladź, which was founded here soon. It should be added that in the Middle Ages the name of the town was written in different ways. Thus, according to the old reports, it was called: Chelad (1225), Celezc (1238), Celaz (1242), Celad (1243), Czheladiz (1257), Zelezt (1250), Czedlez (1328), Czelacz (1468) and Czelącz (1529).
Contemporary linguists still derive the name of the town Czeladź from ‘czeladź’ – servants who worked for the owner of these lands.

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Drukuj Liczba odwiedzin: 56
ul. Lwowska 2
41-253 Czeladź
tel. i fax 32 269 66 95
e-mail: sp5[at]

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