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About our school

The Junior High School No 3 in Czeladź is a local school. 203 students aged 13- 16 attend the school and learn in 9 classes. On every level of education there is an integration division for students with special educational needs. The disabled students with different kinds of disabilities: locomotor and vision defects and hearing loss are provided with additional classes conducted by teacher specialists.

A high percentage of students come from dysfunctional families, which generates a lot of problems with upbringing. The school is certified to organize and conduct external high school examinations, some teachers are examiners of the Central Committee of Examination. In the third class students take a high school examination on natural sciences, humanities and a foreign language. The results of the examination are not satisfying, they are the lowest among junior high schools in the town.The school staff consists of: the Headteacher, 24 teachers including a pedagogue, a sociotherapist, an oligofrenopedagogue, a tyflopedagogue, a surdopedagogue and 2 teacher librarians. The school is equipped in the following classrooms: a computer lab, general subjects, foreign language, physical, geographical, biological and chemical classrooms as well as a revalidation room, a gym, a covered swimming pool, a dancing room, a multimedia centre, a common room and a canteen. The school cooperates with: the Town Library in Czeladź, the Silesian Fantasy Club in Katowice, Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, the Society of Czeladź Fans, the Silesian University- the Department of Earth Sciences in Sosnowiec.The students succeed in various subjects competitions, as well as in foreign languages and sports ones. The school is the organizer of the Nationwide Literary Contest of fantasy stories, which is the only one in Poland. This year the school is taking part for the second time in the program of international Polish- German youth exchange. The teachers develop their qualifications cooperating with centres of teachers’ training. 8 teachers are now engaged in writing or realizing different projects.The school initiated the appointment of the Youth Town Council.The school enriches its educational offer systematically. This school year there are 2 first classes with orientations, one with English and journalism and the other with sports and tourism orientations, which resulted in bigger recruitment to first classes. The Association of Parents of Students of the Junior High School No 3 in Czeladź was appointed to work for development of the school. There are 3 teachers with the experience in implementation of international projects working in the school. The school is interested in continuing international cooperation, which creates new opportunities of students and teachers’ development.

In Czeladź there is a school for mentally disabled students with a vocational course: cooking and catering and also a secondary school where students have training to work for the police, hotel service, transport, advertising, environment care.In the nearby towns there are other vocational schools :
- Dealing with training for the police and fire brigades, geology industry and sport journalism,
- Dealing with art and clothes designing
- Dealing with building industry.

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Drukuj Liczba odwiedzin: 56
ul. Lwowska 2
41-253 Czeladź
tel. i fax 32 269 66 95
e-mail: sp5[at]

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