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The high quality and European standards in education

During this school year our school is taking part in the project “The high quality and European standards in education” within “The foreign mobility of school educational staff in institutional projects”. 
9 teachers, the participants in the project, will attend the foreign training in Kaizeri in Turkey. The training will last 8 days in January 2014. Beforehand,  the teachers will take part in linguistic preparation- a course of English as well as cultural and psychological preparation.
The main objective of the project is to enable the teachers from our school to raise their professional qualifications and find new, practical experiences concerning educational systems of other European countries. They will find out about new developments in general education teaching, especially of students with special educational needs. They will learn innovatory  methods of using ICT in general teaching, practical solutions in managing small groups, and they will develop their communicational skills in English. We hope to establish  a  direct international cooperation with our Turkish partner.
The project participants will learn about the specific Turkish education system with particular emphasis on integration solutions with young students with disabilities. They will also visit the training centres  of pupils with special educational needs, become familiar with the equipment of these institutions, methods of teachers and guidance counselors. They will be able to compare the functioning of institutions of general education in Poland and Turkey, methods of financing and cooperation with the local / regional / international environment. They will learn a variety of methods and forms of work with a student and they will be proficient in the use of information technology in the content of general education. An important element of the training will be also seeking  effective methods of education and activating students as well as  personal development ot the participating teachers in different cultural conditions. The teachers will improve their communication skills in English.
Participation in international education staff training will influence an improvement of the quality of educational services in School No. 3 and, consequently, an increase in the results of external examinations.

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