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The school exchange with Realschule

The school exchange with Realschule   has been a successful project  realized   by our school since 2012.

The project runs in stages – first a group of German students from Grenzach- Wyhlen come to Poland in September or October and then our students revisit the German school in May or June.
The students who participate in the exchange must have a good command of English and want to develop their communicative skills in German. We expect from the students active cooperation and willingness to support work of the exchange organizers (co-editing  the programme, preparing the stay of the group of visitors, making presentations, chronicle and activity on Twinspace, etc.).

Both teachers and students taking part in the exchange are visitors at homes of  their exchange partners for a week. 

All participants take part in the programme which is prepared in advance by the coordinators of the exchange together with the head teachers of both schools as well as other teachers. Before the trip or the hosting  of a student from Grenzach- Wyhlen there are preparation meetings with the exchange organizers. We establish the programme together  and the participants’ suggestions are taken into account. Polish students have the opportunity to show German teenagers what Poland is like, what the living conditions are, customs and traditions, how they spend their school time and free time. What one can do in our town, how a Polish family lives.
All these observations will allow the German teenagers acquire the knowledge about Poland, which is very precious, as despite living in neighbourhood and having many years of  ‘various’ common history, we still do not know many things about each other. These are the students who will create the picture of contemporary Poland, Polish school and Polish student, a young citizen of Zagłębie towns. The students during the exchange promote Polish family, school, town and country by themselves.
The fixed points of the programme in Poland are: Cracow, the Salt Mine in Wieliczka, The Auschwitz Museum in Oświęcim;
In Germany: Basylea, Loerrach, Freiburg and Europapark in Rust.
The students also take part in classes and different workshops.
The exchange project is financed by parents of our students   and Jugendwerk which is Polish- German Youth Cooperation with the office in Warsaw. This is a non- governmental  organization which deals with financing our visits in Germany and enables carrying out  the exchange programme.
The primary objective of the exchange, apart from language practice, is changing mutual attitudes of young generation of Germans and Poles, breaking existing  stereotypes and prejudices, creating the feeling of common goals  and tasks which Poland and Germany face in the United Europe.
The coordinators of the exchange are: from Poland- Ms Anna Żółtowska, from Germany- Ms Sylvia Harmon.
If you are interested in our exchange, please contact the teachers of German in our school.

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